Free lithuanian language courses for foreigners



(country code 221001054)

Course duration 120 hours, price 1690 Eur (the program is financed by the Employment Service)

Foreigners who have come to live and work in Lithuania often say that it is very difficult to learn the Lithuanian language. However, KELIO STUDIJA school teachers help you quickly understand the intricacies of the Lithuanian language, so communicating with your Lithuanian colleagues or friends becomes easier with each lecture. Lithuanian language courses for foreigners allow to overcome the language barrier by developing fluent writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.

Lithuanian language courses for foreigners were created for everyone who wants to effectively learn or deepen their knowledge of this language. When learning the Lithuanian language at KELIO STUDIJA school, you will be sure of rapid progress, interesting topics, and you will also learn about the culture and traditions of our country.

We invite you to study the A1/A2 level (beginners) program for free. After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand and use known essential expressions and basic language phrases;
  • introduce yourself and introduce the other person, ask personal questions (for example, where they live, how they speak, what they like to do, what their family is like, what they like to eat) and answer the same questions;
  • communicate very simply, as long as the interlocutor speaks slowly, clearly and is ready to help.

We are sure that you will quickly learn Lithuanian with us. Contact us and start your adventure with the Lithuanian language now!

Courses are held at Pavilnionių st. 31, Vilnius in the classroom or online.

A new group is planned from 2024-06-24

Phone to inquire

English: +37060056988